BEC Embroidery Repair Services
BEC Embroidery Repair Services


Over the years, my hard work in the Embroidery business has been recognized by colleauges and customers.


Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say...

I have known and worked with Brian since his early days of working for Hirsch International as a field service technician. I have always found Brian a pleasure to work with and he has been my preferred technician since the first day I had the opportunity to work with him.


 I have found Brian to be very knowledgeable in his field and an excellent troubleshooter. Brian has always been able to service and repair my machines to my satasfaction and in a timely manner. Many times over the years he has been able to talk me through correcting or fixing a problem over the phone without having to make a service call which in itself is a valuable asset. Brian is an individual that I strongly recommend.


Mary E. Hewitt

Time 4 Change Embroidery

Concord, NH

Brian is well organized, detail oriented, and job focused worker. When placed in challenging situations with little or no advance notice, he is able to calmly focus on the job at hand with little or no preparation. In addition, when he is faced with a difficult technical challenge he is able to analize it, find the cause and implement the solution quickly and efficiently. Brian is extremely self-motivated and does not require any supervision whatsoever.If you assign him a project, you know it will be done right the first time.


He is a pleasure to work with and despite all the difficult situations I put him in when we worked together, he is always came through with flying colors.


If you are considering using his services, feel free to contact me at jlamb@ec.rr.com


Jimmy Lamb

Manager of Education & Communications

Sawgrass Technologies

We have been using the services of Brian Chase of BEC Embroidery Repair Services for several years. We are firm believers in maintenance and Brian comes every year to make sure our Tajima is running smoothly! We recommend him to every embroiderer!


Christi Smith


Student Styles

Latham, NY

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